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                  THGZ Leather(PU) production line

                  Technological process:Main parameters:Finished product type:Leather (PU)Heating type:Electric heating;Oil heating;Steam heating;Natural gasForming type: Air flow drumEfficient width:≤1800mm  

                  • Finished product type: Leather (PU)
                  • Heating type: Electric heating; Oil heating; Steam heating ;Natural gas
                  • Forming type: Air flow drum
                  • Effective width: ≤1800mm
                  • Weight ranges: 100-400g/㎡(weight of pulp)
                  • Working speed: 10-50m/min
                  • Designed speed: 80m/min
                  • Capacity: 16T/24th




                  Technological process:


                  Main parameters:

                  Finished product type:Leather (PU)

                  Heating type:Electric heating;Oil heating;Steam heating;Natural gas

                  Forming type: Air flow drum

                  Efficient width:≤1800mm  

                  Weight ranges:100-400g/㎡(weight of fiber)

                  Working speed:10m-50m/min

                  Designed speed: 80m/min


                  Equipment performance

                  The production line of THGZ180B leather ( pu ) uses the principle oflong net running, hot air penetration. The animal skin fibers are opened and quantified and transported to the forming section. The raw material of leather ( pu ) base material is prepared by hot air drying and cold air separation after special process treatment. This set of equipment production speed 50 m / min, design speed 80 m / min, can produce 100 - 400 GSM composite material, 24 h maximum yield of 16 t per day.This speed of equipment production is 50 m / min, the design speed is 80 m / min, can produce 100 - 400 GSM composite material, 24 h maximum yield is high as 16 t per day.

                  Machine construction

                      Leather(PU) production line is mainly constructed by systems of feeding and its process

                  The feeding system is formed by units of fiber auto loading&opening, direct supplying feeder, and fans etc. 

                  The process section is constructed with sections of forming, transmission, heating, cooling, driving, mesh brushing and auto rolling of the finished products etc.