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                  THGZ200B Air-laid paper production line

                  Technological process:Main parameters:Heating type: Electric heating; Oil heating; Steam? Gas heatingForming type: Air flow drumFinished product type:Thermal bonding? SAP composite pape?

                  • Heating type: Electric heating; Oil heating; Steam Gas heating
                  • Forming type: Air flow drum
                  • Finished product type: Thermal bonding SAP composite pape Glueing Air-laid paper
                  • Efficient width: 1000-2600mm
                  • Weight ranges: 40g-200g/㎡
                  • Working speed: 40m-200m/min
                  • Designed speed: 250m/min
                  • Capacity: 20T/th




                  Technological process:


                  Main parameters:

                  Heating type: Electric heating; Oil heating; Steam  Gas heating

                  Forming type: Air flow drum

                  Finished product type:Thermal bonding  SAP composite pape  Glueing Air-laid paper 

                  Efficient width:1000-2600mm   

                  Weight ranges:40g-200g/㎡

                  Working speed:40m-200m/min

                  Designed speed:250m/min


                   Product features:

                  It has the characteristics of heavy adjustable, good evenness, large absorption, strong tension, good hand feeling and low dust. It is applicable to sanitary napkins, diapers, nursing pads and other absorbent materials.

                   Structural features:

                  This set of equipment USES air flow into the net, the rotary drum flat, automatic feeding, intelligent operation. Fiber automatic feeding, wood pulp quantitative crushing, direct supply of product fiber quantitative, precise sizing, various energy heating, precise temperature control, electric adjustable compaction, online cutting, automatic winding and making volume.

                  Machine construction

                  Air laid paper production line is mainly constructed by systems of feeding and systems of forming、systems of heating、systems of electrical。

                  The feeding system is formed by units of fiber auto loading&opening, direct supplying feeder, rough pulverizer, find pulverizer, storage tank, fiber scaled feeder and fans etc.  

                  The process section is constructed with sections of forming, SAP unit ,transmission, heating, cooling, driving, mesh brushing and auto rolling of the finished products etc.